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Quantarrius Wilson

Quantarrius is a Certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Science Association (ISSA). He has an extensive background from training professional and amateur athletes to working professionals with nominal experience in fitness. Quantarrius approaches fitness as a life long behavior modification where we have continuous improvement. He defines his sessions as simple, challenging, and efficient with an emphasis on proper form and mobility. His favorite client is anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it!

Pro Bodybuilder

When I started seriously weight training in college years ago it was never to be a bodybuilder; sure I was always into sports at school back in high school, football, wrestling, track and field, but I was the skinny short kid! I just wanted to gain a little weight and size to help with my performance on the field, so my coaches encouraged me to lift; and the rest they say is history.

The gym soon became my passion, and along with a group of friends I decided to enter a local bodybuilding competition; just for fun to keep me motivated, to train harder, and diet more. Long story short, I won! This was so cool especially when I was just a novice and very new to the sport. Competing quickly became my motivation to keep training, keep getting better, so I set a goal to stand on stage every year. 

Fitness Model

During this time I got a lot of exposure in major fitness magazines, photo shoots and speaking at seminars. Another passion was developing; educating the masses! I love helping people and sharing my knowledge built up over my career, whether it’s in the gym, at a seminar, or at an expo. I want to inspire and motivate people of all ages, to share the importance of the consistency needed in both training and nutrition.

I’m extremely humbled to have the level of support from fans and followers, and respect as both a bodybuilder, and body composition coach, to now be in a position to help guide you to get in to the shape of your life. Remember, Dedication Has No Limitation! Train hard!

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